Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kurt and Courtney

Yesterday, while poking around YouTube, I stumbled upon "Kurt and Courtney", an old British documentary about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. I was 16 when Nevermind came out, so it made a pretty strong impression on me. I still own that little cassette and still remember most of its lyrics by heart.

This film did not change my opinion of Ms. Love one bit - I think she is a selfish, immoral, calculating psycho bitch. She had dreamed of becoming famous since childhood and must have seen Kurt purely as a vehicle. The bizarre thing is that I still kind of like her old music videos. Doll Parts, Violet and Celebrity Skin are all quite striking.

My opinion of Kurt did suffer as a result of seeing this movie, though not by very much. He was weak-willed enough to be controlled by her, and, of course, by drugs. At one point in the movie a very sweet British woman who tried to write a book about Kurt and Courtney while Kurt was still alive played a message he once recorded on her answering machine. This is what it says:

"This is Kurt Cobain. If anything comes out in this book that hurts my wife, I'll f-ing hurt you. I don't care if this is a recorded threat. I'm at the end of my ropes. You'll understand when you see me in person. Never been more serious in my life. I suppose I could throw out a few thousand dollars to have you snuffed, but maybe I'll try it the legal way first."

In spite of this Kurt comes out about a million times more sympathetic in this movie than does Courtney. She really is that awful. The filmamker interviewed a few people who asserted that she hired a hitman to kill Kurt because she was afraid that he'd divorce her. I was not convinced. All the evidence presented for that seemed shaky. However, if he was with even a slightly less evil person than Courtney at the time, perhaps he would have been less depressed and perhaps he wouldn't have killed himself.

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