Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Unfinished Novel

Years ago I tried writing a novel. At the time I had an office job in which I didn't have anything to do for long periods of time. My co-workers, all of whom were women, mostly used this free time to talk to each other. I would have liked to spend it reading books or surfing the Web, but unlike idle chatter, those things weren't really allowed by our bosses. I had to somehow look busy, so one day I opened an MS Word window and started typing the first scene of a novel. Who was going to say that I wasn't working?

Over the next few years I sporadically added new scenes, sometimes spending long periods without ever thinking about my book and at other times obsessing over its style and plot for months on end. It's unlikely I'll ever finish it (look at the name of this blog), but there's probably no harm in linking to it from here. So here it is.

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