Monday, January 11, 2010

Roissy in DC

Roissy is back! Some thoughts about him:

I think that his blog's most important contribution to society is to disabuse large numbers of nerds of highly debilitating delusions about women. These delusions are fed to all of us by the media and the educational system, but most men and almost all women are immune to their effects because in the social sphere most people act subconsciously, on instinct, rarely asking themselves if their actions conform to any received ideas. The average human's instincts about relations between the sexes are healthy and realistic.

We nerds, however, do tend to think about human relationships consciously, and have a terrible habit of taking others' suggestions literally. A man who takes feminism literally might as well be a eunuch.

When I was growing up, the advice I got from my dad about women wasn't very different from the kind of thing that Roissy made his specialty, but of course I was too stupid to believe it. My father wasn't as cool or articulate or persistent as the people pushing PC crap. His message didn't form a complicated ideological framework. Feminism does, and nerds tend to like complexity for its own sake.

Over the years life gradually taught me that the PC view of gender relations is in many ways orthogonal to the truth. For me Roissy simply fleshed out some of the details and, through his gift for good writing, provided some entertainment. But if I read someone like him in my teens or early twenties, he would have probably made a real difference, making my PC delusions disappear earlier and less painfully than they ended up doing.


  1. My guess would be that for advice to male nerds: Roissy, No. Patti Stanger, Yes. Women might want a handsome, charming cad, but Roissy is not it ... way not it. Listen to Patti Stanger instead.

  2. All I know about Ms. Stanger is that she hosts a TV show where she pairs millionaires with gold diggers. I've never seen more than a minute or two of it, so I don't know what her advice consists of, but I guess I could look it up.

    I don't think many women are capable of being honest, perhaps even with themselves, about what they want. But who knows, maybe she's an exception.

    I don't think that nerds should try to BE Roissy - a lot of this stuff is inborn anyway and one can't really copy it. I do think that his analysis of the female mind and of gender relations is correct though. It certainly agrees with my real-life experiences to a greater extent than anything I've seen on TV. It's useful info, especially for nerds, who are used to learning about how things work via the written word.

  3. Stanger pairs millionaires with goldiggers is exactly right. But to add insult to injury she reverts to the typical entitled behavior Roissy talks about. She belittles the men and tries to make them over into beta lap dogs so that they can be more tractable to her goldiggers.

  4. This post made me think that perhaps here we see why IQ is not more strongly selected for -- it makes it easy to override your instincts and make yourself a functional retard about some pretty important areas in life (e.g. mating).