Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Idolatry

I won about $42 by betting on the Oscars on Intrade, so my total profit so far this year is about $148 on an initial investment of $950. Trying to keep the streak going, I watched a whole hour of American Idol tonight. I can't say that I liked any of the singing, but a contestant named Katelyn Epperley looked very cute, while another one named Katie Stevens seemed kind of smart. Speaking of which, my estimates of the judges' and host's IQs are: Seacrest 120, Randy 92, Ellen 130, Kara 105, Simon 125. I remember Steve Sailer commenting on lesbian humorlessness. This is probably true on average, but for some reason Ellen Degeneres is an exception.

Cowell said that tonight could be "the end of the road" for a contestant named Paige Miles. However, she's the only black girl left, and no matter what anyone says, ethnicity is the most important issue in most kinds of voting. The black vote will have nowhere to go but to Ms. Miles, so I'm guessing that she'll stay. Because of this I shorted a couple of contracts that pay out if she's booted. Or at least I think I did. I've never shorted anything before on Intrade, so this will have to serve as a test of whether or not I understand how Intrade shorting works. All I know is that it seems different from stock market shorting.

The judges were also very hard on Katelyn, the single cutest person in the room. I suspect that most of the voting audience is female, so Katelyn's good looks may actually work against her, not for her.

A woman named Lily Scott looked hideous and annoying while singing about as badly as everyone else, and yet was praised by all the judges as "unique" and "alternative". I hope to God that she doesn't end up winning the whole thing.

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