Thursday, March 11, 2010


I can't freaking believe it! I was right about Paige Miles. She was eviscerated by Cowell and the other Idol judges, but since she was the only black girl in a field of 8, the black vote was always going to go to her in its entirety. When Simon said that this might have been "the end of the road" for Paige, he was either lying or showing a frightening level of cluelessness. God, I wish I bet more money on her. As it is, I only won $26. By the way, it was Paige who was shown coloring a hippo in a coloring book in her bio video last week.

And Kaitlyn, the pretty girl, was voted out, just as I suspected. I know at least a dozen people, mostly co-workers, who watch American Idol, and none of them are guys. Nothing attracts female envy and hostility as effectively as feminine beauty.

By the way, I did watch yesterday's show, which was devoted to the male singers. I thought that on average they sang much better than the women. This is probably because the rough, course R&B or rock-type sound that most Idol singers go for naturally suits guys better than it suits girls. A female singer would be wise to choose something more delicate.

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