Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dreams From Whose Father?

During a discussion of Obama's first book on iSteve somebody posted a link to Jack Cashill's site where he argues that Bill Ayers must have had a substantial involvement in writing Dreams From My Father.

I read through that whole page and it left me unconvinced. For example, Mr. Cashill treats the fact that both Ayers and Obama described people's eyebrows in their books as incriminating. Same with the use of the words "stooped" and "fedora" by both. Perhaps we should now suspect Ayers of being a prominent Linux nerd.

"Obama tells the reader that the neighbor’s “silence” impressed him. “Silence” impressed Ayers as well. There are at least ten references to the word in Fugitive Days. "

What impressed me is that Cashill considers things like that to be tell-tale signs. Millions of people must have written about being impressed with silence at some point in their lives.

As I wrote in the comments on iSteve, Obama may well have gotten help with his book, and he may even have gotten it from Ayers, but those quotes on Mr. Cashill's page did nothing to convince me of that.

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