Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Do Women Like to Travel?

This question has bothered me for a while. The average man has a lot of interests, and since different men tend to have different ones, the total number of distinct male obsessions and hobbies is numbered in millions. All women have pretty much the same interests, and there are scarcely more than a handful of them in total. Why should travel, of all things, be one of those?

I'm guessing that this is a recent development. In the past most travel was dangerous, unpredictable, uncomfortable - the kind that still appeals to a subset of high T adventurous guys. If Richard Burton and Columbus were alive today, they would probably try to cross the world in a canoe or swim across the Bering Strait naked in winter or traverse the Antarctic on foot, all in a shorter amount of time than the current world record holder.

That's not the kind of travel women have ever liked. They're into packaged deals - hotels, fat tour guides, group photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, lying on the beaches of a continent other than their own. This is all very modern.

Some would tell you that to women travel is like jewlery or flowers - they don't like it for itself, they just like seeing men spend money on them through it. And indeed one would expect all the leading experts on jewlery and botany to be men, not women. But what is one to make then of the fact that single women often travel with each other on their own dime?

I've heard the theory that women like to travel because in hotels they don't have to cook or do any household chores. Perhaps there's some truth to that, but I doubt that it's the whole truth. Wealthy women still seem to like riskless travel more than wealthy men do.

My hunch is that women's desire for frequent superficial changes of scenery has to do with gender differences in focus and attention. It is more male to want to focus deeply on one thing at a time and it is more female to prefer to quickly jump from one topic to another, never delving deeply into any one of them. Perhaps the feminine passions for constantly redecorating one's home and changing one's wardrobe are related to that.

The intelligent high T guys' preferred type of travel (mountain climbing and the rest of it) isn't just dangerous, it also requires a lot of focus. It can often be described as a single-minded pursuit of a difficult goal, in other words the very opposite of anything that the average travel agency has ever tried selling. Most men won't climb the Everest, but a largish percentage will put even more effort into other, stationary hobbies than it woud have taken to climb it. Compared to that packaged tours seem passive, scatterbrained, and above all, boring, to many men. But not to any women.


  1. I'm on an internet dating site (Match) and I've noticed this. Women have a limited space to put things in their profile and they'll often have long lists of the places they have been to. I've always thought it was meant as a status symbol. They're showing they have the money to take all these expensive vacations. They could list other things like favorite authors, movies or music but those hobbies don't cost much money so there's no increase in status in that. Women are also interested in other expensive things as status symbols like the jewelry, their wardrobe and their houses. The common denominator is they all costs lots of money. I don't imagine that the guys on internet dating sites are going to want to date a woman more because they see on her profile she's been on a package tour to some place like Istanbul. Women on internet dating sites seem pretty oblivious to what might actually attract a guy.


    2. What you describe is all a manifestation of women's obsession with appearance. Women won't feel they are women unless they have a tall man, a rich man, a man that will provide a home, a large walk-in closet, two cars and three kids. Travel is a way of accessorizing the appearance of their lives the way they accessorize a wardrobe. In their minds it is something modern, "successful" women do.

  2. Heh. This post of mine was totally inspired by I've always known that women of all ages love this sort of travel, but Match profiles have been recently hammering this point to me pretty relentlessly. I'm now assuming that the profiles that lack any mention of travel (probably less than 5% of the total) are spam. Some profiles (far more than 5%) devote more verbiage to travel than to everything else combined.

    I don't know if bragging about status is a big motivating factor there. None of them brag about the size of their homes or the make of their cars in their profiles. At least some of them must have wealthy parents - not a word about that.

    I'm sticking with the scatterbrained theory. They seem to constantly need a change of topic, a change of scenery, something new. A shallow, short-term look at a topic, then on to the next one. Packaged tours provide quick, shallow looks at other countries.

  3. I've thought about it some more. They definitely brag about their homes to each other in person. But not to men on dating sites. They want men to be attracted to their looks and personalities, not to their money.

    They talk both to each other and to men about travel, though. Why? Probably because they naively expect men to be as excited by touristy travel as they are, the same way that the more clueless among nerds expect women to be able to be excited by programming languages. They're picturing it as something that they could enjoy doing together with men.

  4. One good argument in your favor would be to compare men and women who leave their home country to live abroad by choice. I'd hazard a guess that more men will pick a country and "go native."

  5. From what I have noticed, most of them like to travel for first hand felt emotions. They can't get enough of it and different places and thus experiences gives them varying emotions which they can later share with their buddies and go to those feelings again. Not to mention that talking about it with friends leads to friends sharing their experiences/emotions and they can feel those too. We may be adrenaline junkies they are emotional junkies.

    When you say scatterbrained, it comes down to feeling various emotions. As long as they can feel a range of emotions they are doing well then. When you delve deep into one emotion (focus, concentration) they don't want to handle it. Its boring. Just one emotion? No way !

  6. I found this post because I had an inkling to look into the same topic. This guy has a somewhat interesting take on it:

    What is clear is that we're all noticing the same things.

  7. You're all missing the point. Like everything else, human behavioral tendencies are shaped largely by instinct. Thousands of years ago, when cave-dwelling humans lived in small clans, women instinctively migrated from one clan to another, often over great distances. There was a valid Darwinistic reason for this -- continuously inbreeding within the same small clans would produce genetic anomalies and weak offspring, so the innate female behavior of moving from one place to the next helped assure the survival of our species.

    Things haven't changed much in 10,000 years.

    1. I don't think that in historical times women showed much desire for travel UNTIL it became safe relatively recently. Did women travel much in 18th century Europe? In the Middle Ages? In ancient Rome? I have a strong impression that in all of those periods they traveled far less than men. I don't see this desire of theirs being caused by an ancient instinct for travel per se, but by an ancient tendency to be scatterbrained. Before modern technology and travel agencies made travel safe and quick, it did not appeal to the scatterbrained.

    2. What has been discussed here is just what I have been thinking all along - the whole travel thing for women is a shallow, short-term, immediate change for the sake of it that doesn't demand too much focus (that's why soaps and other trash TV is so popular with them). And the dating sites are awash with attractive women that have an insatiable desire for travel, and thus hinting at their interest in men with high salaries.

      Despite the nice, cosy, false sense of security that a packaged holiday provides to some far flung place that no one has ever heard of before, they dodn't seem to have the radar to detect the dangers that some locals can pose to them, which is why it's no surprise whenever you hear these stories when it all goes wrong.

      And what about bloody Global Warming?


  8. Greetings, misogynists. Oh, I'm sorry, you don't know what that word means? Here's the definition, according to a person who hates, dislikes, and mistrusts women.

    So let me sum this up - wait, do I have the attention span to do this? Maybe I need to check first. Hold on... Okay, got my gossip. I'm ready to go. Let me sum this up. You believe women like to travel for the following reasons:

    1) To impress other people
    2) The need to have novel emotional experiences
    3) They can't focus on one thing for too long so they need to get out and see new things
    4) They want men to spend money on them
    5) Women want a break from house work (wait, WHAT?! Are you serious?)

    I'm a woman, in case you didn't get that from my text above. I'm an educated woman. I must have some focus in my life because I completed my graduate degree and managed to get promoted 3 times over the last 5 years all while plugging away as a part-time student.

    I'm also an American (I'm under the impression that you folks are British which is why I mentioned that).

    I (and many of my other female friends) love to travel. I don't believe I've ever traveled for any of the 5 reasons you short-sighted morons listed above. I don't give a flying f*ck who is impressed with where I've gone, I have *plenty* of novel emotional experiences right here in Indiana, I addressed the focus issue already, I hate when other people spend money on me, and I don't think house work ever crosses my mind when I travel (whether in the form of relief or noticing its absence).

    So you're wondering what the big secret is? Women love experiences and memories. We love romance and adventure. We clearly don't get that from you lumps of flesh so we have to go out and get it on our own. We love connecting with other people and want to understand humanity. The best way to do that is see all the other cultures and observe what they do, appreciate their art and architecture, listen to their music, try to speak their language, taste their food, get drunk with them and dance in the streets. It's the best. I'd rather spend every dime I earn on books and travel because I love to learn and I love fun experiences. The same concepts apply to domestic travel, too. The South is much different than the Midwest, and the West, and the East Coast - there's a lot to see in America and I love visitng new places.

    And the type of travel I do isn't always luxurious or easy. I stayed in a slum of a hotel in South Carolina recently. It was a hoot because the other patrons were easy going, fun-loving, and threw some damn good parties.

    I'm assuming you men are bitter and single. Bashing on ladies will not help you attract one. Just a little bit of loving advice from this Hoosier girl.

    1. Let's flip this around. We men don't feel the need to have so many experiences and memories. We don't need as much romance and adventure as you need to fill your life. We don't need to connect with other people as much as you. We don't need to see so many cultures as much as you do. We don't need to listen to so much of their music as you do. You see, your needs are different, so don't come here thinking that men are "lumps of flesh" simply because they don't need as much as you. Maybe you're the one who needs too much of it and us men are simply sick of trying to "please" and keep up with your need to do all these things. Who is to say that simply because men don't want to travel and experience as much as you that we are "lumps". Maybe you're the one that is overdoing it. I'm quite content with my life and where I live and the experiences in my vicinity. Just because I have no desire to seek out more of it in different parts of the world doesn't not make me a lump of flesh.

    2. I think I will have the final word on this. Women love to travel more than men because -

      1. Men are too busy trying to get laid with women who are not even their equal while women easily get to date men out of their league. So this leaves them with the time and energy to pursue others things like travel.

      2. Travel requires spending money. Women don't need to have money to marry well so they can easily spend it. Men need to watch their money like women watch their weight

      3. Women are spoilt. They want a lot of everything - more fine dining, more expensive cars and in the same line, they want more travel

      4. Since travel requires spending money and time, they also do it for bragging rights. They want to go back to work and their social life with a tan in winter and make a point.

      5. Men just want to have sex and women just want to have fun. Travel is fun. But we'd rather get laid than have fun and they'd rather have fun than get laid

    3. Women can feel 10 1/2 times more during sex than men before circumcision and the condom. They have pie charts from Sociologists that indicate that while men meet zero girls in public the women meet 5-50+ guys a day. The men meet 10-30 girls on the internet and the girls meet over 1000. The reason the guys get married is because the women think that if they can meet guys this easily then the guys can also dump them for the better model and will. So they stop trying to trade-up to some impossible ideal based on the most money and the factors that the leading individual on compatibility in Marriage says makes for divorce and settle on the girlfriend's brother. He is a nerd whom can't talk or do anything right but at least he is my nerd and he is kind so he won't leave me later on when I am an old nag. And we guys just suffer through all of this or we remain single for life. Unless we find one of the non-girlie girls whom isn't like the girl wom watches sports and tries to show she can chug a whole keg (true story by the way) just to show that she can fit in with guys. Also I want to respond to this experience/romance theory. I'm sure that some women are different but the women I see go to the same generic hotel chain like Four Seasons and eat food they can get at home. They like to "soak up the sun" on the beach or spend a lot of time at the SPA. I find it odd that I do not notice a lot of women bragging about learning a new skill or honing their talents. When they are amongst themselves I do note that they spend a lot of time bragging about how their guy is bigger and feels a lot better than the other girl's guys. *****Having said all of this I think the American graduate student is talking about the non-girlie girl women. The kind who reject that kind of competition, get higher degrees and pursue knowlege/experience without wanting to be taken care of by a man. While I have definitely meet women like this- I find the majority to be the girlie girl whom brags about where they have traveled and how they have had fun and use the non-direct girlie girl approach to indirectly indicate that my guy is richer than yours. BTW: Psychologists are all supposed to believe that this type of behavior represents a major form of insecurity.

    4. Notice she didn't mention what her degree is in. Then again, if it's not a hard science or engineering, it's not worth mentioning.

  9. I'll grant that many of the reasons given here for women's attraction to travel are less than charitable, but the point that women, as a group, seem to have a much stronger desire to travel than men. Are we men just a bunch of xenophobes?

    I think the answer is that women are much more attracted to newness and change, it feeds them, makes them feel more alive. There is nothing necessarily superficial about it, but it is something that appears more to a person's feminine side. I recently read The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, and he does a good job of describing the duality between change and stability in men and women. The question is how those two impulses ideally interact in a relationship and within an individual.

  10. I have this situation with my wife. I thank you all for your comments because it did shed some light. Even the woman who shared. (Although she seemed very upset ) She spoke the truth and how women can't see why we men WOULDN'T like to travel. I see both sides.

    Let me add this... the fact of the matter is traveling is an expensive hobby... and men are usually preservationists, and money hoarders ( we're thinking survival all the time ) we see $$$$ while women see the opportunity to enrich their lives. Its all about balance.. I don't think either sex is really "wrong" its why we were put on earth together... to even it out. If everyone thought like men we'd all be at home watching a 100 inch TV and relaxing with all our money turning into slobs. If we all thought like women, our passions would always lead us and that can just get seriously dangerous. But we have balance so we all end up traveling a little bit and being couch potatoes a little bit... not a bad deal if you ask me.

  11. I'm inclined to go with what the one female contributor has said--not about the misogyny or lumpishness of the rest of us, but her simple statement that women love romance and adventure and connecting with others. Here I think "romance" is used in its broadest sense, a liking for what's distant and different and exotic, and new connections are always more interesting when they're made across geographic and cultural boundaries. We men like this, too, but to a lesser degree, to the point that we find ourselves balancing it against the inconveniences of travel, the expense, the other negatives. I'm glad that I forced myself to travel in Europe. When I asked what I like about it, my answer tends to be:

    1. I was tired of thinking of pictures on postcards whenever "Paris" was mentioned. Now I think about a real place. Same with London, Rome, etc.

    2. It gave me perspective on my own country. After a week or so in England, I started hearing my own accent. It sounded alarmingly flat and I was involuntarily shading toward a British pronunciation. In France, I no longer felt snobby speaking French: it's not snobby to speak French in France and my French skills improved. I learned that in most of Europe, people are quite a bit less open than in America, and strangers don't smile at strangers in the street. (If I'd been a woman, especially an attractive one, the experience might have been quite different.) In Italy I was so used to this that when a salesgirl started a conversation with me, I was startled. It turned out she wasn't Italian, she was from Columbia. So I learned, from this and other encounters, that this American openness applies to all of the Americas, not just the United States, and also that people in North, Central and South America all consider themselves "Americans," the United States is just "North America."

    3. It made me appreciate what I have just because of where I was born and not thanks to my own doing. Returning home, I realized for the first time how vast America was, with virtually unpopulated areas as big as whole countries in Europe. When I stepped into my tiny house, it seemed to have grown immensely, it was nothing but space. For a week or more I drank in this new wealth until my sense of scale adjusted.

    Notice that in this there is nothing whatever about romance and adventure, relaxation or escape. Overall it was three weeks of inconveniences that at best I had grown used to but very rarely enjoyed. And this brings to one last thing: if I had found romance and adventure and "connection," I probably wouldn't be running on about it because that would make me sound like, well, a woman. Women are free to sound like men and use the "f" word just as frequently or more so, but men who talk like women still do so at their peril. I think, too, that where women are the travelers, we're more like the destinations: geographically and attitudinally fixed, interesting and worth connecting with while still new and different, less so when better known, and in any case often just one spot on an itinerary. If we're lucky, that becomes the home spot, but the itinerary doesn't stop.

  12. Nice post. I was looking for a place discussing exacting this as I've signed up to and noticed the same things. I was already quite sensitive to this topic as my GF broke up with me after 2 years saying as one of the main motivations that I don't like ENOUGH to travel. I've highlighted "enough" because we used to go somewhere together at least once every 2 or 3 months, but she claimed that instead she needed "a change of scenery at least once per month". I am not a person who dislikes travelling, on the contrary I do and have lived and worked in 4 different countries around Europe and often enjoyed more than her the places we visited together.

    But there are things I partially understand:
    - that a person who has lived in a single place her entire life might want to experience more than I do how other countries live, but I don't believe this can be done so much with short stays.
    - that attractive persons with a tendency of getting drunk and flirting (such as male friends of mine) like travelling more because they satisfy their narcissistic need. This is probably what the female above calls "romance and adventure". I also noticed that these people like learning languages and other things because they always believe to be very good at that.

    I disagree with the idea they want to travel for the money or to impress. Some of them may do, and probably this is true for men too, but I think it's not a general phenomenon.

    The bottom line for me is that, as true for anything, travelling is a very nice thing if used with measure. Therefore when I read or hear that a woman or a man stresses it too much my narcissism-alarm bell rings because someone who can't stay too long in one place is someone who can't stay too long in one relationship. This, however, has nothing to do with sleeping around, which is just HOW a "bad" woman (or man) might use travelling, a serious woman might be obsessed with travelling while being well-mannered (like my ex). Narcissistic people travel and it just happens to be the case that there are more narcissistic women than men.

    1. Your post regarding narcissistic women and travel makes sense to me because of my experiences with a female narcissist whom had NPD. I didnt know it at the time because she hid it so well but later found the answers in therapy as to what powered the train that ran me over. She had two masters degrees, beautiful, and articulate. She absolutely loved travel and eventually needed to have her wedding in Italy while living in So Calif. She boasted continually about her international travel experiences which was intimidating to me. I think she too enjoyed the narcissistic "food supply" that travel yielded her especially in Italy where the Italian men loved blonde american women.
      On a side note this woman had an affair with one man for 24 of the 25 years she was married yet she appeared to be a conservative looking school teacher. I stay away from narcissists after learning my harsh lesson.

  13. I meant in the last sentence that "Narcissistic people are addicted to travelling and it just happens to be the case that there are more narcissistic women than men"

  14. "All women have pretty much the same interests, and there are scarcely more than a handful of them in total". What an bizarre statement. I'm a guy, and that's as far as I got because a statement like that is ridiculous beyond belief. Men and women may have different types of curiosity, and experiencing different cultures may be an interest shared by more women than men. But to suggest women don't have as many interests as men is absurd.

  15. Interesting stuff. I have noticed all the female profiles in online dating, almost always mentioning traveling. The ones that do not are usually conservative girls who want to stay home and cook and have a family-oriented approach to life. I think there is a theme here from my more general experience, but I'm not sure. I want to suggest that men are generally more conservative in general than women (i.e., less open to new experiences), and I would predict southern conservative women are less likely to prefer traveling. I'm in academia, and the kids here LOVE traveling (boys & girls - I stand out). Academia is known for being very liberal. Just a thought - and a testable one.

  16. Let's flip this around. We men don't feel the need to have so many experiences and memories. We don't need as much romance and adventure as you need to fill your life. We don't need to connect with other people as much as you. We don't need to see so many cultures as much as you do. We don't need to listen to so much of their music as you do. You see, your needs are different, so don't come here thinking that men are "lumps of flesh" simply because they don't need as much as you. Maybe you're the one who needs too much of it and us men are simply sick of trying to "please" and keep up with your need to do all these things. Who is to say that simply because men don't want to travel and experience as much as you that we are "lumps". Maybe you're the one that is overdoing it. I'm quite content with my life and where I live and the experiences in my vicinity.Just because I have no desire to seek out more of it in different parts of the world doesn't not make me a lump of flesh.

  17. I think women become bored easier than men do. Most guys are pretty happy to go to work, come home , crack a beer and bbq a steak. Women get tired of the mundane and need constant stimulation and love change. That doesnt make either sex better or worse, it just is what it is.
    I too have been on and have noticed that virtually every woman's profile states her love for travel. I personally do not like traveling and see women that love travel a lot as possible future high maintenance.

  18. It's a type of achievement, like a badge. One girl from a group of friends travels and brags about how open-minded and adventurous she is, and then she becomes the center of attention. So the next girl does it, and then the next one and the next one.

    Just look at those pictures they put up -- they are always on top of the Kilimanjaro, besides a penguin in Antarctica, underwater with whales and god know what else. In their books it is far more rewarding, so it seems, then becoming the CEO of a corporation (glass ceiling and all that).

    So they put the same travel pictures up on a dating site and this is where the stupidity beings. The are expecting the same 'wow effect' from men, which they don't get. Men are not interested in their 'achievements'. It is not attractive, and to some it can actually be a deal-breaker. If she is having so much fun by being single, wtf is she doing on a dating site?

    The bottom line is, men are expected to be stable, own their own homes (a place where she can come back to from her travels). Men are expected to have high social status. In addition to that, they are also expected to travel. Well, good luck with that.

  19. My best advice, avoid these travel junkies. They have crossed over into the permanent singles women, Sex and the City club. There is no turning back for 99% of them.

    Find a women who wants to be with you, and wants to share her life with you. Be there for her. Love her. Care for her. That's all there is to it really.

    1. That is really good honest advice. My experience is that travel addiction is mainly the pursuit of single women who either don't have a partner or don't really want one. Travel in moderation is enriching but on a compulsive level is simply the pursuit of new sensations, a superficial pursuit that replaces needs that are not being met in a mutually enriching and loving relationship.

  20. It's true about Travel being on nearly every single female profile you can find on any dating site. I can tell you good some stories from my own half century life. It's heartbreaking for a guy. Who pays for all that travel? Wherever you go, you're there.

    My parents emigrated from another country and I speak another language fluently, so I have to laugh when I hear born mono-lingual, mono-cultural women tell me about how they 'connect' with other cultures. Sure, in the most superficial ways I suppose. To me it's nothing new to see a 'new' culture, and traveling itself, airports, line-ups, sub-standard toilets, killer bills, bugs, diseases, thieves, beggars, schmoozers, the prattle of foreign tongues, all become one homogenous expensive bore and hazard.

    The bed is here, and so is the kitchen, and good looking guys don't pay. So happy chump hunting to all those worthless bags. Any woman who trades a good man for travel is dead between the legs; just be grateful bros that they make themselves obvious enough; click next and let them all just dry up and shrivel away, or get pregnant from some of their exotic romantic travel humps, looks good on them.

    Trouble is, that's all you are going to find on dating sites. A good looking woman on a dating site is a Red Flag. Good hearted women looking for a true best friend-lover and whose greatest joy is just hanging with their guy no matter where doing no matter what, there are some, are scooped long before they get to those sites. That's why there are so many of them on dating sites. No guy wants them. You're looking at the dregs mates. Good Luck. Try Meetups that have nothing to do with spending or owning tons of money.

  21. ** Clarification on my above post (Last paragraph): ..."That's why there are so many of them on dating sites." ...I mean so many Travel Types...that No guy wants...

    ** Also I meant to say in the first paragraph: ...some good stories from my half century life...

  22. "Fashion is the great queen of civilization." --Dostoevsky

    I think Glossy is accurately describes some characteristics that make travel appealing to women, but ultimately, I would bet the dominant reason for the dominance of travel is simply that it's fashionable. Both men and women are receptive to fashion, but it has a much stronger influence on many more women across a far wider spectrum of activity -- and there are many more men who spurn fashion (whether consciously or ignorantly is another matter).

  23. This is something I've wondered too. I find that dating sites tend to have a preponderance of women who's profiles state their main focus in life is to travel the world. It's even more laughable when the claim comes from a woman with an average job and has young children to care for. Outside of online dating, I find most women to be much more down-to-earth and less preoccupied with the topic. So I have to conclude that it is more about sizing up a suitable partner without coming across as being a gold-digger. I would take any mention of "travel" as a big red flag being waved in front of your face.

  24. I also wanted to say that my mother would say the same "girlie girl" things about travel as the rest of them and the women on this site and this is what I noted:
    1) She mainly used vacation as a means to lie in the sun like she did for hours at a time when she was home.
    2) She ate the same range of foods as she did when she was at home.
    3) She stayed at a generic hotel that didn't represent the culture of the environment in question.
    4) She loved sex much more than her hsuband- complained to the other girls on the phone all day that he was a letdown- and constantly drew pictures of the insides of flowers while on the phone.
    Men, don't listen to the girls words. Observe their actions. That is the way you can assess the truth about them...

  25. I am single and in what is called the worst U.S. city for White males to date. So I will be having to use the internet where the girls are screening 1000+ men for money while we have 10-30 girls contact us. Great.
    But at least I am blessed with a major advantage. I am a private client at Chase Bank. My representative told me that when I can finish moving and set up things in my new life that he will have the money hidden in a vault for me. He said that this is so important because he has seen so many women wipe out the money of the men due to his career. And then a woman called him and ask about more money. And when he finally managed to get her off the phone he said she calls me all the time and I keep telling her that if she keeps buying shoes, jewlery and clothes like that that she won't have any money and be in the poor house, but she never listens to me... And to be honest yes I'm sure that men do go out and spend the money on the boat as women so like to point out. But so far I know zero men in my world who have done this. I do hear the women bragging about how great it was to 4 star level travel at The Houston City Club every day I go their to work out. I hear the men talk about how the trip was a scam to get as many people in one place at the same time so they could make the most money and how it was a hassle trip. But then the women always respond by saying "We're complex". I guess this is just another mystery like
    how women can change to the same exact fashion as the other girls and snychroize it on the split second. But then I gues that even with my circumcision making me feel more than 10 1/2 times less than women- circumcision = clitorectomy ladies I am going to want to get laid like Billy so I guess a girlie will be using me for bragging rights too and I'll be spending the whole time in Paris taking her photograph drinking the driest wine and eating the first course and $30 Beet salads so she can get it on Facebook and rush back to tell all the other girls about it. Sigh, what we men have to do just to get laid...

    1. You struck close to home in two ways with me. I find travel to be drudgery with the potential to become nightmarish. Also, a long term girlfriend once left because she'd spent all her savings then dug deep into debt on frivolous travels. Then, I declined to extend her spending ability for more. Today, she flies standby and coach while I fly 1st class and Blackjet (private). While she was burning everything she had for "fun now!" I continued to build real wealth ...and now I have it. She choose poorly.

  26. If there were a Money Magazine for women, it'd have to be called Spending Money.