Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Eyewitness Report

I work in Downtown Manhattan and am easily amused, so last week on my lunch break I went to ogle at the Occupy-a-Little-Square-Next-to-Wall-Street people. There were between 100 and 200 of them, mostly young. One dude was playing the bongos as I walked by.

This area isn't very far from City Hall Park, where much bigger, noisier, more energetic demonstrations occur at least a dozen times a year. When the city clerical workers' union is out in force, you're gonna know about it from at least 15 blocks away. Compared to that the occupiers looked listless and boring. I guess someone in the media made a decision to cover them. Or perhaps it snowballed by accident (the coverage of course, not the occupation.) 

As for the young people themselves, some were hipsters, others not. There was probably a 90/10 white/black mix there. Apparently Asians aren't big enough on either altruism or laziness to find such events worthwhile.

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  1. What is meant by 'Asians'? If you want to see Asian altruism or laziness study then in thir 'Original Settings' i.e in Asia.
    The Asians that you see in Manhattan are hustlers; usually they have worked very hard and made scrafices to be in 'Developed West' (sic), and the West is 'Developed' in the materialistic way: you can't expect these expatriat Asians to waste time on something like "Occupy" and fight.
    Asian from India
    (By the way, did you mean Chinese, Koreans and Japanese when you wrote 'Asian'?)