Saturday, October 3, 2015

What Are Smart People LIke? Part II

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about what smart people are like. Today I'll talk about some things that I missed in it.

It seems to me that happiness, energy level and athleticism are uncorrelated with intelligence.

There is a stereotype that very smart people are likelier to go crazy than most. It definitely predates the movie A Beautiful Mind. Normally I have a lot of respect for stereotypes but I doubt that this one is true. The smart people I've known haven't gone crazy at a higher rate than average or stupid ones. Also, a lot of typical smart-guy behavior will seem crazy to normals even when it's not. Unusual hobbies, weird ideas about politics. This has probably fed that stereotype.

Some faces definitely look smarter than others, but smart people are much easier to tell by their voices. Many always sound ironic, even when they're trying to sound serious. The intonation changes more frequently and imparts more non-verbal information per word and per sentence than that of an average person's voice. In other words it's more complex.

Not all very smart people have the kind of voice I'm talking about it, just most. Smart women are as likely to have it as smart men. Unfortunately for civilization the typical male smart-ironic voice sounds less masculine than the average male voice.

Does high IQ get one any chicks? Well, it's positively correlated with wealth, which women like, and with nerdiness, which they don't. If we control for both of those variables, the answer is "no". As I explained in my first post on this subject, all women, even smart ones, are bored by all the topics to which intelligence can be usefully applied. So talking to a smart guy isn't any more interesting to a smart woman than talking to an average guy.

Smart men on the other hand definitely have a preference for smart women. First I know this because I know myself. Second, because of what I've seen among my friends and acquaintances. Third, rich smart guys, who can have anyone, tend to marry smart women.

Mark Zuckerberg's wife was voted class genius in high school, then was accepted by Harvard, which is harder for Asians than for others. Bill Gates's wife was a valedictorian in high school and got comp sci, economics and business degrees from Duke. Sergey Brin's ex-wife is a daughter of a Stanford professor emeritus in physics. She graduated from Yale and co-founded a very successful company.

If women are bored by all the topics to which high intelligence can be usefully applied, why do smart men prefer them to average women? I don't know. Because they want smarter children? Then why doesn't this logic work with women?

In my first post on this topic I said that above 90 IQ attractiveness becomes uncorrelated with intelligence. I really meant visual attractiveness. The smartest woman I've ever known was not visually attractive, but her smarts compensated for that somewhat.

Back to voices: smart people are greatly annoyed by those that sound stupid. It's a fingernails-on-chalkboard kind of reaction. I can't listen to any rap or R&B vocals because of this. Most country and pop music sounds awful to me for the same reason. I'm always shocked that anyone would pay money to hear some of that stuff. Yet they do. The window that this opens on the average person's mind is frightening.

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  1. Smart people who are crazy are otherwise called eccentrics.

    They are very noticeable - much more so than weird average IQ people, or neurotypicals of any IQ level.

    Regardless of what Jayman and his studies say I am convinced there is a strong, positive correlation between IQ and beauty all the way up to at least 115. After that there *might* be a decline, but I am not sure even about that. It could also be that above 115 there is growing disinterest in attending to personal grooming and fitness, exacerbated by the feminist ideology that people of >115 IQs tend to begin to overwhelmingly subscribe to.

    I once had to live for a year next to a dwelling where people were constantly playing rap music. It was a daily struggle not to start working on Molotov Cocktails.