Friday, November 27, 2015

3rd Installment of the Credo Poem

I've written seven more quatrains of my Credo poem. These can be seen below. I've also created a page that shows the entire work in progress, i.e. everything that I've written for it so far. I plan to update that page as I write more quatrains.

Scripture never mentions protons,
Plasma, X-rays, DNA.
Neither does it talk of photons,
Cells or nuclear decay.

No America or Britain
In the Bible or Koran.
Not a word in them was written
About China or Japan.

One could get a slight suspicion
That these books are not the works
Of an all-knowing magician
Or his honest, zealous clerks,

But are rather just collections
Of some ancient tribal lore -
Merely accurate reflections
Of the ignorance of yore.


Yet the men who bash religion
Are a bunch of clever fools.
There is much more than a smidgen
Of true wisdom in "Gods"' rules.

Atheism is self-defeating:
Godless people have few kids.
Deadly illnesses are eating
Those who do what "God" forbids.

Faith evolved through countless ages,
Growing in organic ways.
The advice on scripture's pages
Is still useful in our days.

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