Thursday, December 8, 2016

A New Quatrain

Yesterday I wrote another quatrain for my big Credo poem:

There are limits to our powers.
Anyone can quickly tell
Real plants from plastic flowers.
We don't copy nature well.

I'm still trying to versify the idea that I described in this book review. It will probably take a couple more quatrains to do it. The entire work in progress can be seen here.

A couple of cool quotes about poetry:

"Poetry [is] the best words in the best order." Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
"Writing unrhymed poetry is like playing tennis with the net down." Robert Frost.

To extend this analogy, writing poetry that doesn't make any coherent sense is like ignoring the white lines that mark the borders of the court. The old game where you write a line of poetry, your friend writes the second one, you write the third, etc. is like playing doubles. The opponent is the language, the spectators are the readers.

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