Thursday, March 9, 2017

Back to Gambling

Today I spent $146.80 on Marine Le Pen shares at I bought some shares for $0.35 and some for $0.36. If she wins, I'll get $1 per share.

Why? Gambling is fun. Marine could be a single WikiLeak away from l'Élysée. And I'm not going to get upset at losing $146.80 anyway.

My past record at such activity is mixed. I made dozens of Intrade bets years ago, coming out roughly even overall. Before that, around 2002, I made some bets on stock index futures, again coming out approximately even. So I'm not pretending to be any sort of an oracle here.

Setting up an account turned out to be much easier with Predictit than with the now-defunct Intrade. With the latter I had to get a bank check, which is a different thing from normal personal checks. Then I had to mail it to Ireland and wait for them to credit it. Predictit accepts credit cards.

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