Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pretty Pictures

I often re-tweet cool-looking pics. Today I decided to look through them, picking out the best. However, endless scroll turned out to have an end, at least in IE and Chrome on Windows 7, so I was only able to see my tweets since the start of this year. I've been using Twitter since April of 2014, so this is a small percentage of what I was looking for.
If I hadn't drawn my avatar myself, I might have considered changing to the above. 

There's more after the jump.

I've only played a real, non-electronic piano once. The loudness surprised me, but the feel of the keys seemed similar.
If I remember correctly, I was so impressed with the above pic when I first saw it that I looked through its author's other stuff online. Didn't see anything as cool as this one.
As I've written here before, I often hang out at Here are some good pics of New York that I saw there recently. 

Manhattan looks much better from above than from street level. You don't even have to be very far up to appreciate it. At a large percentage of the island's buildings anything higher than the 20th floor is enough. And actually, these pics do not do it full justice. I guess the pixel count is not sufficient to compete with real life.
Below are some of the pics that I grabbed from the Net at different times to use as desktop backgrounds.

This is the Scarlet Sails festival in St. Petersburg.

The Hohenzollern Castle from which the Prussian kings originated.

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