Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Year in Nerdiness

Third post of this type.
Last year I spent 435 hours on Mandarin listening comprehension.
I started doing at least one hour a day of ChinesePod on 12/07/17. That streak is still alive. I missed several days, but every time I did 2 hours the next day to compensate for that. I've now spent a total of 731 hours on Mandarin listening comprehension. I'm now on my 102nd Upper Intermediate ChinesePod lesson.
What's my level now? Well, I understand about half of what is said in this video:
The funniest part is at 2:25, where the guy says that the machine is writing the name Jacquet Droz in English cursive. ying1 wen2 zhe4 ge cao3 xie3 de ming2 cheng1. It's a French personal name. But I guess all Latin-character writing is "English" to some Chinese people.
That thing costs $367,500. I didn't look for a Chinese video of it. I just searched for the Jacquet Droz signature machine, and this was one of the first things that came up. The rise of Japan gave the luxury industry a boost. The ongoing rise of China will make Switzerland even richer.   
Back to the year in nerdiness: In September I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for piano practice. 
That's normal. Nerdy enthusiasms come and go. I'll probably go back to practicing a lot at some time in the future. Outside of work I don't force myself to do anything. Which is why I can't predict which of my hobbies will get most of my time in 2019. It's all meant to be fun.