Hobby Time

Below you can see a graph of the time I've been spending on some of my hobbies.

And this is the time I've been spending on improving listening comprehension in Mandarin Chinese.

In the graph below I attempted to measure my progress in Mandarin listening comprehension.
Let's say a lesson from ChinesePod's Intermediate level lasts 15 minutes. Let's say I completed it in 60 minutes. I always rewind to once again listen to phrases I didn't understand. Then again, then again. I don't give up until the 10th or so attempt.  
In the above example the average minute of a lesson took me 4 minutes to go through. As I get better, that multiple decreases. Then I move up to the next level, where every lesson is harder. So the multiple abruptly jumps up. And as I get better in the new level, the multiple gradually decreases. That's what you see in the graph below. I think I have data starting December of 2017. This graph only starts in March of 2018 because I haven't processed the first few months of my data yet. 

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