Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Even More Idol

Not sure why, but I keep winning money on my Idol bets. I won $49 last week by betting on Katie Stevens not getting the boot and $117 today by betting on Andrew Garcia staying. Could both of these wins have come at the expense of the same person? I'm only going to feel guilty about it if it's a kid or an old lady in urgent need of $166 for emergency surgery for an extraordinarily cute puppy that she rescued from a burning building while on her annual trip to help nuns save dolphins in Africa.

The weirdest thing is that both times the other person kept offering me these contracts even after I ran out of money and couldn't buy them anymore. If I had a few thousand dollars in my Intrade account, I would have won several hundred on each of these bets. I don't know when the other guy was going to stop.

About the actual competition: I'm rooting for Casey James and Lee Dewyze, in that order. The judges are being vicious to a guy named Tim Urban, who's taking all they're dishing with quiet dignity, smiling, like a real gent. So they make fun of him for that. It would be a lie to say that I'm a fan of Mr. Urban's singing, but I liked his attitude in the face of public disapproval so much that yesterday, while watching, I suddenly got off the couch, found my cell phone and just went ahead and voted for him. This has never happened before. Then I walked over to my landline phone and voted for him again. Then I wrote this post, at the end asking anyone who might accidentally stumble upon it to consider a vote for Tim Urban next Tuesday.

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