Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Social Network

I saw The Social Network yesterday. A few of that movie's problems in order of increasing seriousness:

The Zuckerberg character was made to engage in a lot of fast-paced witty banter here. Nerds simply don't do that. There is a trade-off between quick-wittedness and the ability to focus deeply. Nerds are only really capable of the latter, while the people responsible for this film have persuasively shown themselves to be only capable of the former.

In the movie's first scene Zuckerberg's girlfriend, a saintly voice of conscience throughout, breaks up with him, thundering from on high that although he will go through life thinking that girls won't like him because he's a nerd, girls actually won't like him because he's an asshole. And that was right after the Zuckerberg character apologized to her for a perceived offense!

The sort of people who spread the meme that young nerds (think about this, nerds!) are striking out with women because they're not being nice enough to them deserve society's severest forms of punishment. There is no value in their lives. Did I mention that this script was written by a known coke head?

Finally, there is the demonization of preppies and of Harvard's student clubs. The fat, dim, drug-addicted slob who wrote this dreck really, really wanted us to know how much he envies athletic, clean-cut, well-spoken, gentlemanly individuals. No sense of self-worth whatsoever. The real Zuckerberg has said that he was never obsessed with any such clubs, and that this aspect of the story was invented from whole cloth by the screenwriter, and I believe him.


  1. Congratulations, you've just discovered that a movie director's role is also to exagerate reality or re-write it in such a way as to make the movie more entertaining. That's cinema, young boy !

  2. I don't think any of that stuff made the movie more entertaining. It's just not a very entertaining movie. Have you seen it yourself?