Friday, August 7, 2015

Quick Impressions

So I've watched the Republican debate. Jeb Bush looks kindly and decent. Don't get me wrong, I know he'll bomb playgrounds and maternity wards if he wins this thing. I'm just noting what he looks like. Kasich and Christie were even more likable than Jeb. The worst of the pack on that score: Cruz.

Trump wasn't as funny as Huckabee, but more fun than him or than anyone else. I'm sure he's got no chance though. Probability of a Bush-Clinton matchup: roughly 95%.

If I had sacks of money to donate, whom would I give them to? Paul. Not because of anything he said tonight, but because he's close to at least one person (his father) who's said important things that I agree with. When the average guy learns about non-mainstream views, it's usually through a media filter. Not so with Paul. Watching him I had a feeling (or was that just a hope?) that some of the platitudes he was spouting might not have been entirely sincere.

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