Monday, August 10, 2015

Song Parodies

I was reading about the problems Bernie Sanders recently had in Seattle when I was struck with the idea of describing them using the meter and rhyming pattern of the old song Mr. Sandman.

Mr. Sanders, give me the mic.
Shut up, get lost and then take a hike.
I'm a big girl, my friend is fatter.
She'll tell you all that only Black lives matter. 

I'll follow this with a parody of Bowie's Changes that I put in an iSteve comment after the Boston marathon bombing:

(Wild and crazy guys)
White pointy shoes and big gold chains.
(Chicks idealize)
As legless men cry out in pain.

There was also Jebediah was a Bushman and Putin Never Quits, though the latter is hopelessly out of date now. 

1 comment:

  1. >that only Black lives matter...

    rofl. But it ends too tantalizingly in the middle of a transition. Another verse! Another verse! Come on, you've got it in there somewhere...