Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Second GOP Debate

Like last time, I liked Rand Paul the most. He said that Iran wouldn't have gotten stronger if the US didn't overthrow Saddam, that if Obama bombed Assad a few years ago, ISIS would now be in Damascus and that every time America topples a secular Middle Eastern dictator, civil war and theocracy take his place. This was an enormous contrast to the general craziness of the evening. To a question about US ground troops in Syria he said "you'll have to look to the other 14 candidates for that. There will always be a Bush or a Clinton for you if you want that."

Of course he had to spoil this by favoring the decriminalization of pot - how I hate libertardery! But war and peace are more important. Rand made the least effort to fake sincerity, coming off as a smart-ass who was bored by everyone else's phoniness. I don't think that's a pose. Cruz may or may not be smarter, and his sincerity may have even been real, but he was still painful to watch. If Robin Williams were alive, he would have probably refused opportunities to parody Cruz as being too easy.

Carly Fiorina's bitchiness quotient must be at least a standard deviation above Hillary's. There's also something wrong with her mouth. I used to watch CNBC a lot, so I know that it looked normal while she was running HP into the ground. So it's plastic surgery, not a birth defect. Why am I being mean to an old woman? Cause she wants to bomb half the world into smithereens.

At one point the Donald was being playfully patronizing to Jeb. Jeb made a bid for the upper hand by raising his voice, talking over Trump and staring at him militantly from his greater height. Trump cranked up the patronizing tone in response: "excuse me, excuse me?" meaning "are you kidding me? from THIS guy?" [NY outer boroughs shoulder shrug]. Bush raised his voice further, drowning Trump out.

During the breaks CNN was running an ad for a movie about the man who walked a tight rope between the old Twin Towers. I was thinking "is Trump gonna slip now, is this the end? He IS 69, so it's not impossible."

The Donald stepped back and said quietly (which was by then a relaxed contrast to Jeb's shouting), even more patronizingly (which I had not known was possible) and lethally, "more energy this time, I like it, I like it." The patting of the loser on the back and the insincere words of encouragement to him about him maybe getting better at this some day were merely implied. That was the coolest moment of the whole debate.

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