Thursday, December 24, 2015

Star Wars

So I finally saw the Star Wars movie. Spoiler alert: it's a dumb fairy tale. And since in terms of plausibility and emotional complexity it was much more like the cartoons I saw as a child than like the sci-fi I read as a teen, that's what I'll compare it to.

Nobody died in Soviet cartoons. I don't remember any female generals or sword fighters in them either, so there was no feminist indoctrination.

I associate lush orchestral scores with Stalinist and immediately post-Stalinist Soviet animation. My generation's favorite cartoons had worse music than that. Finally, adults never watched cartoons when I was small. Which leads me to the question of why I saw Star Wars, the Force Awakens.

I knew I would enjoy making fun of it on this blog. And everyone else was going to see it too. I'm not so bored by humanity yet as to consider that unimportant.

The girl who played Rey was cute. Her love interest wasn't as romantically innocent as Mark Hamill, but no Nigerian ever could be, and his race was obviously a political choice. The guy from Girls did well. The worst casting decision was the Resistance pilot, who I think was supposed to become the Han Solo of his generation. Harrison Ford was so much cooler than that in his prime. He's cooler even now, as an old man.

Finally, C3PO was the only gay... thing in the movie, and he was less prominent in it than in the original, which means that there was less gayness in episode VII than in episode IV, which came out in 1977. I was shocked.